Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story

Our designs are inspired by the philosophy of the divine feminine energy which signifies the inner creative and intuitive power of women. Women carry the creative force inside of them and their feminine journey passes through these steps.

The Maiden: Represents Youth, beauty Innocence, and free spirit and it depicts the beginning of the feminine journey. When we are open in our hearts and enthusiastic about life.

The Lover: One of the most cited examples of divine feminine, the lover signifies seduction, confidence, mystery, and sensuality. She is passion and beauty incarnate.

The Mystic: The wise woman or the priestess is woman’s ability to understand and process occult knowledge. Often seen as Mature and exemplified by divination, wisdom, teaching and inner knowledge.

The Mother: Represents fertility and abundance. The mother is our ability to create nurture and be caregivers.

The Huntress: The warriors are the archetype of independence and freedom. She is wild untamed and fiercely protective of the ones she loves.

The queen: The queen represents power, strategy, and leadership. She makes decisions thoughtfully and her intuition helps to guide to achieve long-term goals.